MBE International LLC is pleased to announce the arrival of our long-awaited affiliate program, offering affiliate links and payouts on all of our sites.

The Latex Store
Midnight Blue's (coming soon)
TLS RubberGear (coming soon)
Rubber Extremes (coming soon)
The Latex Store dot net (coming soon)

Pays Out 10-20% of Sales*
(*Excludes shipping, taxes, and other fees)

Affiliate Earnings:

10% of monthly gross sales up to $3,500
20% of monthly gross sales above $3,500*
(*20% applies to portion of sales over $3500)

By joining the MBE International LLC affiliate program I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the terms and conditions file. Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Partners Program.
Affiliate ID

To link to a specific category set your link to look like this: http://www.thelatexstore.com/categories.php?cat=7&PARTNER=YOURNAME

To link to a specific type of product set your link to look like this: http://www.thelatexstore.com/products.php?cat=Latex+Dresses&PARTNER=YOURNAME

To link to a specific product set your link to look like this: http://www.thelatexstore.com/proddetail.php?prod=Garter_Belt_with_Six_Straps&PARTNER=YOURNAME

For specific questions or inquiries about The Latex Store affiliate program email us at Affiliate@TheLatexStore.com


Customers make purchases from hundreds of latex items, and other toys through one of our online stores. We provide the shopping cart, checkout and merchant accounts. We handle the transactions, shipping and returns. Everything is managed by our experienced staff. We'll provide you with the HTML links, and banners and give you access to an Affiliate Admin site that displays the sales from your web site, your commission on those sales and statistics. There will be no question about the commission amount due. Orders are tracked electronically with cookies. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a commission check once earnings have exceeded $100 or more! It's easy and it can all be started today.