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About Us

About Our Company

In 1995 we started our first store, Midnight Blue's Toys. We began selling at private parties and in 1996 we attended and vended at our first leather event, Beat Me In St Louis. From that point on vending around the country has been a staple of our business, because it allows our customers to see and feel our products first hand.

In 1999 we changed the name of our store to Midnight Blue's because our product line was changing and we were focusing on our own quality line of products. In 1999 we also created a parent company called MB Enterprises. From 2000 to 2005 Midnight Blue's was the largest single retailer of single tail whips in the US. We stocked 300 to 400 whips at an given time and had exclusive marketing agreements with many of the world's top whip makers.

In 2000 we began selling rubber products on eBay and by 2003 our rubber sales had equaled our whips sales. In 2002 we opened our first Midnight Blue's web store. In 2004 we opened The Latex Store and changed the name of our parent company from MB Enterprises to MBE International LLC.

We now have 5 web stores, our flagship store Midnight Blue's features our own line of top quality bondage gear, The Latex Store features our own line of women's latex clothing, TLS RubberGear for men and The Latex Store for men. In 2012 we decided to expand our maket and opened Rubber Extremes. Although Midnight Blue's is our first store and our flagship, The Latex Store is really where our focus is today. The Latex Store accounts for about 80% of our business and takes a staff of 8 to manage.

Also back in 1996 we were having trouble keeping track of the events we were going to so we decided to make a list of them and put it on the web. The BDSM Events Page was born and is still the number one source for BDSM and Leather events on the web. Along with our new community service page Fetish Events Page, opened in 2008, we continue to provide the BDSM and Fetish communities with up to date information about major events around the world.

Just as a footnote in 2002 we also opened our wholesale outlet named MB Wholesale. :-)

Affiliate Program

MBE International LLC is pleased to announce the arrival of our long-awaited affiliate program, offering affiliate links and payouts on all of our sites.

The Latex Store
Midnight Blue's (coming soon)
TLS RubberGear (coming soon)
Rubber Extremes (coming soon)
The Latex Store dot net (coming soon)

Pays Out 10-20% of Sales*
(*Excludes shipping, taxes, and other fees)

Affiliate Earnings:

10% of monthly gross sales up to $3,500
20% of monthly gross sales above $3,500*
(*20% applies to portion of sales over $3500)

By joining the MBE International LLC affiliate program I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the terms and conditions file. Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Partners Program.
Affiliate ID

To link to a specific category set your link to look like this:

To link to a specific type of product set your link to look like this:

To link to a specific product set your link to look like this:

For specific questions or inquiries about The Latex Store affiliate program email us at


Customers make purchases from hundreds of latex items, and other toys through one of our online stores. We provide the shopping cart, checkout and merchant accounts. We handle the transactions, shipping and returns. Everything is managed by our experienced staff. We'll provide you with the HTML links, and banners and give you access to an Affiliate Admin site that displays the sales from your web site, your commission on those sales and statistics. There will be no question about the commission amount due. Orders are tracked electronically with cookies. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a commission check once earnings have exceeded $100 or more! It's easy and it can all be started today.

Backorder/Out of Stock

Out of stock and backordered items may, at our discression, require a 100% deposit. Because of the different size combinations and color options we offer, many of these items will be created when you order them and are considered Special Order whether or not it states (Special Order) on your sales confirmation. Please allow up 1 to 8 weeks for your item to be completed.

Color Chart

Roll Over for a larger image
BubbleGum Pink
Light Blue
Pearlsheen Black
Pearlsheen Blue
Pearlsheen Emerald Green
Pearlsheen Fuchsia
Pearlsheen Pewter
Pearlsheen Silver
Royal Blue
Semi-Transparent Black
Semi-Transparent Blue
Semi-Transparent Gray
Semi-Transparent Lilac
Semi-Transparent Mauve
Semi-Transparent Pink
Vibrant Pink
Smokey Gray
Translucent Natural
Cherry Red
Pale Pink

Domestic Shipping Options


We ship via USPS First Class, Priority, Express or FedEx Ground worldwide, and we insure and use delivery confirmation for our mutual comfort and protection. Items are packaged discreetly in USPS or plain boxes, and the return address will read "MBE International LLC". These price grids are to be used as a guide only as exact shipping prices will be configured at the time of checkout. Your privacy is important to us! If you have special shipping needs, please contact us before ordering to discuss them. Orders that come in over the weekend and/or include custom and/or temporarily out-of-stock items may be slightly delayed. If your item is shipped by our default carrier (USPS), you will receive a USPS Notification. Please allow 10 business days to receive your package. Shipments to a third party may require ID verification and release of liability authorization.  This must be faxed to us prior to order fulfillment and shipment. We reserve the right to downgrade or upgrade shipping at anytime to expedite the shipping process.

Order Subtotal Shipping Charge
$0.00 - $10.00 $6.00
$10.01 - $20.00 $7.00
$20.01 - $30.00 $8.00
$30.01 - $40.00 $9.00
$40.01 - $50.00 $10.00
$50.01 - $60.00 $11.00
$60.01 - $70.00 $12.00
$70.01 - $80.00 $13.00
$80.01 - $100.00 $14.00
$100.01 - $150.00 $15.00
$150.01 - $200.00 $16.00
$200.01 - $300.00 $17.00
$300.01 - $500.01 $18.00
$500.01 or higher $21.00
  • Standard shipments received after 1 PM central time will be processed the next business day.
  • Rush shipments can be arranged for an extra shipping fee. Orders must be placed no later than 2PM CST.
  • Express shipment orders can be placed through our web cart (quickest and easiest) or call 1.866.94 LATEX (52839) to place your order, or for more information.
  • No weekend delivery (except with Express-charge Saturday Delivery).
  • To receive an Express delivery on Saturday, the Saturday Delivery option must be selected in our cart.

These price grids are to be used as a guide only as exact shipping prices will be configured at the time of checkout. No PO Boxes or APO/FPO. Note: Available for IN-STOCK items only. All back ordered items will be shipped separately via standard post. Signature may be required for express shipments. We are not responsible for delivery delays due to unsigned packages. Express shipping days are understood to mean business days, Holidays and Weekends are not considered shipping days.

Express Type Additional Charge
3 Day
(Not available in all areas 3 Day orders
will automatically be upgraded to 2 Day if
the service isn't available and additional
charges will apply)
Add $10.00 - $25.00
2 Day Add $25.00 - $35.00
Overnight Add $35.00 - $50.00
Saturday Overnight
(Note this service is always priority overnight,
which is more expensive)
Add $40.00 - $70.00

Gift Certificates

Can't decide what you want to buy for that special someone? Send them a Gift Certificate from The Latex Store. It's easy and we will mail it via first class post for free!

Please include: Name and address of the person you want this item sent to.

Available in $25 increments.

Free Shipping.

Purchase your Gift Certificates HERE


All of our items are guaranteed to be free of manufacturers defects when you receive them, conditions apply. In the event that your garment should become damaged within one year from your original purchase date we will replace it at 25% off our current full retail price. Your item must be replaced by an identical garment, reshipping fees & taxes will be applied to the purchase price before the item discount. This offer is not valid on sale items and can not be combined with any other offers or Reward Cards.

International Shipping Options

USPS Priority Mail International may be used to ship orders outside of the United States.
This method is NOT trackable; we cannot guarantee replacement of lost packages shipped via this method.
Allow approximately 2-3 weeks for the order to reach customs, and another 2-5 weeks to reach you. These price grids are to be used as a guide only as exact shipping prices will be configured at the time of checkout.

USPS Express Mail International is our recommended International shipping method. Packages shipped via USPS Express Mail International are trackable; allow 5-10 business days for the order to reach customs.

Item Subtotal Standard Express
$0.00 - 25.00 18.99
25.01 - 50.00 22.99
50.01 - 75.00 25.99
75.01 - 100.00 28.99
100.01 - 125.00 30.99
125.01 - 150.00 33.99
150.01 - 175.00 36.99
175.01 - 250.00 38.99
250.01 - 350.00 N/A
350.01 - 500.00 N/A 62.99
500.01 - 750.00 N/A 66.99
750.01 - 1000.00 N/A 70.99
Over 1000.01 N/A 74.99

Item Subtotal Standard Express
$0.00 - 10.01 19.99
10.01 - 25.01 22.99
25.01 - 50.01 25.99
50.01 - 75.01 28.99
75.01 - 100.01 30.99
100.01 - 125.01 33.99
125.01 - 150.01 36.99
150.01 -175.01 38.99
175.01 - 250.01 N/A
250.01 - 350.01 N/A
350.01 - 500.01 N/A
500.01 - 750.01 N/A
750.01 - 1000.01 N/A
1000.01 - 1500.01 N/A

We would be happy to ship via FedEx for the highest level of priority express handling. We will bill you for the shipping charges, while these companies will bill you for import duties and handle customs clearance. This can be done by special arrangement. Please be aware, however, that this service is very expensive. Contact us directly to make these arrangements.

Customs and Import Duties

  • Your order may be subject to VAT, import duties and/or taxes, which are levied once your package reaches your country.
  • Be aware that Foreign Customs Declarations require us to note that your package contains Rubber Garments.
  • The Latex Store ships your package DDU, “duties and taxes unpaid”, and does not collect the VAT, duties and/or taxes and cannot predict what your particular charges may be. If you do incur these additional charges, they must be rendered in order for your package to clear customs.
  • We regret that we cannot be held responsible for any confiscations by customs. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS/CREDITS FOR SEIZED ITEMS THAT ARE NOT RETURNED TO US.
  • Packages returned as unclaimed or refused which have incurred returned shipping charges will be billed to your credit card.
  • For more information regarding your country’s custom policies, please contact your local customs office.

Latex Grade FAQ

Our Guide to Latex Grade

Tailored Latex
Tailored latex clothing is made from latex sheeting. The Latex Store uses 4D rubber for all of our tailored items. This latex sheeting is produced have a greater uniformity than molded latex in thickness and overall quality. The .02" (.4 mm) gauge is the standard thickness we use for latex clothing. Even though standard tailored latex is slightly thinner than the standard molded latex, "sheet latex" is usually more resistant to tearing than molded latex. The garment creation process is different, the stress points on the garment have glued seams, which means there are multiple layers of latex at each point. Tailored latex clothing is made like traditional clothing; patterns are used on latex sheets to cut the garment. But unlike regular clothing, the latex pieces are generally glued (sometimes sewn) together Tailored garments are just that, tailored to fit better. We control the size and fit of garment therefore you will receive a garment that fits "better".

The Latex Store uses 4D Rubber with most of our tailored products.










































Molded Latex
Molded latex clothing is made from shaped molds that are dipped into a liquid latex tank. The garment thickness is influenced by several factors like the amount of time the latex stays on the mold, the ambient temperature and humidity during fabrication. Therefore, the thickness variance is greater with molded latex than tailored latex. In can in fact vary from day to day. Therefore, in our molded latex garment description, the latex thickness given is an average since the thickness uniformity throughout the garment can vary. The standard thickness of molded is generally greater than that of tailored latex. The whole garment (mold) is dipped into the latex and is therefore a one-piece item with no seams, unlike tailored garments created from several pieces glued together. In general, one-piece molded garments are less anatomically adjusted to the body than their tailored counterparts. The making of molded latex clothing is less labor intensive and therefore is normally less expensive than tailored latex clothing. Toys, gloves and most fetish wear (i.e. briefs with anal plug) are generally made from molded latex.

Premium Molded Latex
Premium molded latex is manufactured the same way Molded Latex is, however, premium latex products are produced in small batches, on more modern molds in a more precise climate controlled environment. The result is a smoother finish, and better fit.

Latex Chlorination

In the Chlorination process the latex is put through a chemical bath which is basically a mix of chlorine and ammonia. The process allows chlorine molecules to bond with the outer most layer of latex molecules, and this bonding creates a micro-smoothed finish of the surface. This micro-smoothing adds several benefits, such as a reduction in friction, a resistance to staining, an increase in shine. Chlorination makes the latex permanently smooth and soft. This means in most cases you won't need talc or lube to get into it.
A few words from our chlorination master: "I will say that yes, items straight out of treatment are initially stiffer and stretch less but after wearing and a quick polish the almost completely pliability returns. There is also a slight dulling of the overall surface and some colors fade with the transparents being the most affected. The biggest downside of all is if something needs repairing, extra preparations are needed to get the seams to bond again". Over all, if you are new to latex or just want an easier time putting on a difficult item, chlorinated latex may be for you.
We do not recommend this process, however, we've had enough requests for it that we now offer it on a limited basis.
Chlorinated items are not covered under any of our guarantees.
Chlorination will not:
Guarantee to make rough latex smooth
Restore surface shine that has been worn away
Remove or stop staining
Work on garments covered with silicone or other polishes

Latex Care

Latex care instructions are available upon request. We also send latex care instructions and warnings in each order we fill. If you have questions about care of your latex items please refer to those documents or contact us.

  • All Latex CLOTHING & TOYS are talced for shipment and storage, to protect the latex.

  • Make sure your item fits before washing. A small amount of Talc and glue may be present in the seams of the garment after washing. This is normal and can be removed with a good silicone shiner and vigorous rubbing with the finger tips.

  • Wash your garment: use lukewarm water and soap(1 drop of mild soap) to wash, then rinse thoroughly! Hang to dry, then turn inside out when dry and repeat. Generally soap washing need be done only once. Rinsing should be done each time you wear your garment.

  • Transparent Latex will have white spots or streaks after washing and most will disappear when completely dry. Your garment may need to hang dry for several hours or up to a full day to dry thoroughly. If any streaks remain a good silicone polish will make them disappear.

  • ALWAYS Store your toy or garment out of sunlight, preferably in the dark, NEVER on a metal hanger. Heat or cold may damage latex, and UV light will cause it to oxidize.

  • BEFORE attempting to put the garment on, be sure that your body and the inside of the garment is heavily talced or lubed. Slide it on gently, taking care that fingernails, rings, etc., do not snag the material. Pulling hard with your fingertips will leave permanent dimples or tear the garment.

  • MAKE IT SHINE by applying a "medical grade" silicone lube or Black Beauty, Cult, Wet, EROS, Vivishine.

  • NEVER use OIL-based lubes: they will do permanent damage! ONLY use silicone-based or water-based lubricants. Never ever use Baby Oil, ever.

  • KEEP latex garments away from ANY oil-based products; body lotions or oils, hair gel, body glitter, makeup, hairspray, perfume; nicotine, metal including pennies will stain the latex; sharp objects will do permanent damage to your garment.

  • Human Skin has oils and salts that can break down latex if not removed promptly. Wash after every wearing.


Our Community Service Pages


Jean Bardot, our friend and probably the most famous fetish video preformer in the world (as Rubberella).
Now on her her own, Jean continues to tease, please, and torture us with her exploits.
Is there anyone more recognizable than Jean Bardot? Standing over 6 feet tall in heels, we think not.

Emily Marilyn is the hardest working fetish model we know.
Always on the go, always producing, always beautiful.
Emily sets the standard for the go-getter, can-do attitude every performer should aspire to.
Top it off with legs up to here and a body to die for, Emily has it all and we're glad she does.

Bianca Beauchamp is as synonymous with latex as Henry Ford is with the automobile.
In the past 15 years, this Montreal-born fetish model has helped popularize
the stretchy, skin-tight material through her popular website.
“I never thought my website would become popular,” she admits.
“My website was just a fun way to express myself and my love for latex.”


Our Banners

Made To Measure

Made to measure items are created according to your specifications. We are happy to help you through this process at any time. Having said this, made to measure items are not returnable or exchangable for ANY reason with no exceptions.

Military Support

We Support Our Troops. MBE International appreciates the work and dedication of troops in the Military of the United States. Therefore, we offer free shipping to all APO and FPO boxes as a way of saying thanks. The does not mean we do not recognise the work and effort of other countries, it simply means we support those in our own country and urge other companies to do the same.

Model for the Latex Store

We are always interested in new modeling talent for our store.

If you are filling out this form because you want to borrow or lease clothing or you want to "collaborate" or "network" with us for your photo shoot, please READ this first.

Please use this form to submit your resume.

*Required Fields

*Your Name:
*Your Email:
One Model Place Number:
Model Mayhem Number:
Model w00t Number:
Model Brigade Number:
Other Model Website URL:
Your Website URL:

Order Cancellation

Orders may be canceled provided we have been notified by 9 am of the first business day we are open following your order placement, NO exceptions. Credit Card companies charge us every time we process a transaction, therefore, we charge a 10% cancellation fee should you decide to cancel your order. Special Order items can not be canceled or changed beyond this deadline, NO exceptions. This includes ALL special orders and out of stock items. Please review all of policies before placing your order.

Order/Payment Options


We gladly accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Pay Pal, money orders and wire transfer. Sorry, no personal checks. To order with a Money Order Click Here. For Wire Transfer Information Click Here. All payments must be in US dollars.


Due to the nature of Pay Pal payments the entire amount of an order will be transfered at the time the order is placed. Items that are out of stock will be special ordered at that time unless you request otherwise.


Orders Outside USA. If your order has been placed based on the GBP or EUR value of the item, please note, you will be charged in US Dollars and the amount may vary from the amount displayed in your local currency. The debit will be applied at the point at which your order is dispatched. This may give rise to currency fluctuations.


Receiving an order acknowledgement via email doesn't guarantee the acceptance of an order. reserves the right to limit the quantity of items ordered and / or refuse to sell to any customer.


If you prefer to order offline, you may fax or call us. See our contact information. We can only accept credit cards for fax or phone orders.

If you are paying with a money order, please COMPLETE your order. Place your items in our cart, select the money order option, COMPLETE your order and print your receipt. For your own protection, keep your money order receipt and track your payment. We are not responsible for lost or stolen money order or cash payments.

Orders should be sent to:

MBE International LLC
9450 Pinecroft Drive #9959
The Woodlands, Texas 77387


The Latex Store parent company is MBE International LLC and all credit card charges and return addresses will read "MBE International". We ship in standard USPS red, white and blue mailers, FexEx boxes, white mailers or brown cardboard boxes.
MBE International LLC never sells or shares your private information with anyone, nor will we ever send unsolicated electronic or paper mail to you.

Product Listing Policy

All products listed in our store are described to the best of our ability. Pictures of the products may show accessories or complementary items that are not included with the product.

Product Loan/Rent

We typically do not loan garments for photo shoots. For us to consider any project where our garments are used free of charge, the following things should apply. We must see a tangible benefit for our company. (Pictures of your model in our styles is generally not a benefit to our company unless your model is well known; Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bianca Beauchamp, or you are shooting for for a well known publication (Marquis, Skin Two, etc).) Link exchange is also not considered a tangable benefit to our company unless you are a well known publication as noted above. The person borrowing our items must have a credit card on file with us, and a deposit must be given to secure that our garments are returned undamaged. Generally twenty one day notice is required for items to be completed in time for your project. If your project doesn't fit in this category contact us about our Professional Discount and at our Owner or Manager discretion, you may be eligible for this discount. .

Returns & Exchanges

Please order carefully!  We are happy to answer questions before you make your purchase.

Incorrect Items

If we ship you an incorrect item, we will replace that item or refund your money for that item (as well as the return shipping costs) after we have received the incorrect item. We are not responsible for shipping costs above USPS Priority Mail (Not one price box)(Please use a one price envelope, not a tyvek bag when possible), on any return that we can accept. We must be notified of incorrect items within five (5) business days of delivery.**


Services, such as Chlorination, Shining or Open Crotch are not refundable at any time for any reason. If you purchase an item and have a service added to it and the item is elligible for return or exchange these services can not be refunded or exchanged.
Wash & Shine is a service, as such once it has been performed it can't be undone or resold, therefore, Wash & Shine can not refunded under any circumstances.

Special Order/Made To Measure

Special order and Made to Measure items are not returnable or exchangeable.

Manufacturer Defects

Upon receipt please examine your garment for defects before washing or wearing.
At our discretion we will repair or replace any merchandise with a manufacturer's defect (which we must verify by inspection of the item); however, we must be notified by you of a defect within five (5) business days of delivery.
Defective items must be returned to us unwashed (even if they've been tried on) with all of the original product packaging (not including shipping materials).

If you have a problem with an item that you believe has a manufacturer's defect, please contact us BEFORE you attempt to return it.

Please do not attempt to modify or repair any item as this will void any warranty that is stated or implied. We are not responsible for shipping costs for any defective item above USPS Priority Mail (Not flat rate).

MBE International LLC dba The Latex Store reserves the right to be the final authority on what consitutes a manufacturer's defect.

Return Items

You are responsible for ordering the correct size. Any advice we may offer about size is to be used as a guideline only, as we have not measured you in person.
Please measure yourself carefully.
If you order an incorrect size we will exchange most items; however, for your safety, we CANNOT under any circumstances accept returns or exchanges on items that have been worn or where there may be a health risk, ie: items worn on the genitals, panties, jocks, briefs, insertables, etc. 

We must be notified of exchange issues within five (5) business days of delivery.
Acceptable exchanges must be in resalable condition, ie: ready to sell, in the original packaging.
Returned items that are not in the original packaging or resalable condition may incur a 50% to 100% repackaging or replacement fee.
We are not responsible for return shipping costs for incorrectly ordered items.
We will issue store credit or replacements ONLY for returns that meet all of our return policy criteria.
Store credit may be used to purchase new merchandise ONLY and may not be used for return shipping.

NO cash refunds unless otherwise stipulated on this policy page. Store Credit Only.

Liquids, Jells and Powders are not returnable under any circumstances.

No returns on Special Order items for any reason other than manufacturers defects. MBE International LLC dba The Latex Store reserves the right to repair or replace defective Special Ordered items.

Return Authorization

**An RA number is required for ALL returns. We will NOT accept any return that does not have a return authorization (RA) number. RA numbers must be visible on the outside of the package. Note: Any item that is returned without an RA number will be returned to sender or charged a 25% restocking fee.

*RA numbers are valid for fifteen (15) business days for ALL returns ie: Returns must be returned to us within fifteen (15) days of receipt of an RA number. Items returned after 15 days will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

We are not responsible for returned items that are lost in transit or for which you haven't contacted us for prior return approval.

Authorized returns MUST be shipped USPS Priority Mail or equivalent with Delivery confirmation. In the USA please use USPS free mailers. As you are shipping to a PO Box NO FedEx or UPS accepted.

To contact us for more information about returning an item or to receive an RA number, write us at

For ALL other inquires please go to our contact page CONTACT US.

Rewards Cards

The MBE International Rewards Card program is subject to all the terms and conditions found on our the policies page of each store. These cards are not transferable and must be used by the card holder and the items purchased must be shipped to the card holder.

Sale to Minors

MBE International LLC dba cannot prohibit minors from visiting this site. must rely on parents, guardians and those responsible for supervising minors to decide which materials are appropriate for such children to view.  Some items listed in are for 18+ and purchase of those products are restricted to those over 18 years old.  Each time you purchase 18+ products at, you are representing to that you are an adult.

Sale Policy

All sale items found in this store are subject to stock availability on hand unless otherwise indicated. All sale items sales are final, first come, first served, no refunds or exchanges. We do not notify of sold out sale items. Sale discounts and coupon discounts may not be combined. One discount per order.

Special Order Policy

Any item for sale in our store that is not in stock and has to be ordered specifically for you is considered a Special Order. Special ordered items are NOT custom designs and may not be altered or changed from the original stated measurements, unless otherwise noted. Special Orders are not the same as "Made To Measure", although all Made to Measure items are a special order, not all Special Order Items are Made To Measure. Special ordered item payment will be taken at the time of your order. Production time and shipping time are not the same thing. Production time for special orders can take 2 to 8 weeks depending on the item ordered and production backlog. Special order items may not be returned or exchanged.

Third Party Shipping

Domestic Third Party

Third party shipping ie: Shipping to a different person other than the person placing an order may, under some circumstances, require further information and verification.

All Credit Card orders that are shipped any address other than the card holders billing address will require and signature release and confirmation form.

Email us at for the fastest response or to receive this form via email.

To reach us by phone:
USA toll free 1-866-94-LATEX (52839)-- 8 am to 5 pm CDT
Fax confirmations must be submitted to us between 6 am and 9 am CDT
Fax confirmation phone number 936-273-8106

Open and print Authorization Form in Word Format

Open and print Authorization Form in PDF Format

International Third Party

Third party shipping ie: Shipping to a different person other than the person placing an order may, under some circumstances, require further information and verification.

All Credit Card orders that are shipped any address other than the card holders billing address will require and signature release and confirmation form.

Email us at for the fastest response or to receive this form via email.

To reach us by phone:
USA toll free 1-936-273-8106 - 8 am to 5 pm CDT
Fax confirmations must be submitted to us between 6 am and 9 am CDT
Fax confirmation phone number 936-273-8106

Open and print Authorization Form in Word Format

Open and print Authorization Form in PDF Format

Track Your Order

Once your order is ready for shipping you will be sent an e-mail from your chosen carrier to inform you that your order has been shipped. In that notification will be sent a delivery confirmation or tracking number.  You can then track the status of your order on line using the tracking number supplied by visiting the following link for the USPS or FedEx  Please note we provide tracking on all orders unless otherwise noted.

The Latex Store in the News

The Latex Store on the Road

January - MAL - Washington DC - Mid-Atlantic Leather
Rubber Gear & Midnight Blue's

February - FFF - Providence, Rhode Island - Fetish Fair Fleamarket
The Latex Store & Midnight Blue's

March - LF&P - Washington, DC - LF&P
Midnight Blue's

April - Bondage Expo - Dallas, Texas - Bondage Expo
The Latex Store & Midnight Blue's

March-April - England

May - DomCon - Los Angeles, California - Dom Con LA
The Latex Store & Midnight Blue's

May - IML - Chicago, Illinois - International Mr. Leather
Rubber Gear & Midnight Blue's

June - Thunder - Denver, Colorado - Thunder In The Mountains
Midnight Blue's

July - FFF - Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket
The Latex Store & Midnight Blue's

August - FetCon - Tampa Florida - Fetish Con
The Latex Store & Midnight Blue's

October - Mates - Provincetown Cape Cod - Mates Leather Weekend
Rubber Gear & Midnight Blue's

October - DomCon - Atlanta, Georgia - Dom Con Atlanta
The Latex Store & Midnight Blue's

October - LF&P - Washington, DC - LF&P
Midnight Blue's

November - MIR - Chicago Illinois - Mr International Rubber
RubberGear & Midnight Blue's

December - Washington DC - Black Rose
The Latex Store & Midnight Blue's


The Latex Store welcomes retailers' and resellers' inquiries about wholesale opportunities. Please contact Sarah Skye, manager of MB Wholesale, at for more information and a current price list and access to our wholesale website. A valid reseller's permit is required.