Latex Chlorination

In the Chlorination process the latex is put through a chemical bath which is basically a mix of chlorine and ammonia. The process allows chlorine molecules to bond with the outer most layer of latex molecules, and this bonding creates a micro-smoothed finish of the surface. This micro-smoothing adds several benefits, such as a reduction in friction, and resistance to staining. Chlorination makes the latex permanently smooth and soft. This means in most cases you won't need talc or lube to get into it.
A few words from our chlorination master: "I will say that yes, items straight out of treatment are initially stiffer and this increases risk of tearing, however, after wearing and a quick polish, almost complete pliability returns. There is also a dulling of the overall surface and some colors fade or change color with the transparents and light colors especially white being the most affected. However, black may also change color depending on the type and thickness of the rubber being treated. The biggest downside of all is if something needs repairing, extra preparations are needed to get the seams to bond again".
Over all, if you are new to latex or just want an easier time putting on a difficult item, chlorinated latex may be for you.
We do not recommend this process, however, we've had enough requests for it that we now offer it on a limited basis.
Please understand we cannot be responsible for any tears once you receive the modified garment. If your garment is already extremely tight-fitting, we recommend against chlorination.

Chlorinated items and our Chlorination Service are not covered under any of our guarantees. Use this service at your own risk. The Latex Store is not responsible for any damage that could happen to your item during the Chlorination process.

Chlorination will not:
Guarantee to make rough latex smooth.
Restore surface shine that has been worn away.
Remove or stop staining.
Make latex shiny.

Latex must have all lube and polish washed off (preferably with a dish soap such as Dawn) or there will be a 25% cleaning fee.
Chlorinating items will add at least 18 business days to your order shipping time.