Size Chart

Due to the natural stretch within latex, please select a size close to your on skin body measurements. The size chart below is intended to help guide you in this process. Latex has a natural allowance so that your on skin measurements will suffice.
If you need any help or have any other sizing queries please contact our team.
Measures Small Medium Large Extra Large
Around the knuckles
Exact garment measurement

6.5 - 6.75 inches

7.5 - 8 inches

8.5 - 9 inches

9.5 - 10 inches

Around the top
Exact garment measurement

Wrist Glove: 7 inches
Elbow Glove: 7 inches
Opera Glove: 8 inches

Wrist Glove: 7.5 inches
Elbow Glove: 8 inches
Opera Glove: 9 inches

Wrist Glove: 8 inches
Elbow Glove: 9 inches
Opera Glove: 10 inches

Wrist Glove: 8.5 inches
Elbow Glove: 10 inches
Opera Glove: 11 inches

Glove Length Measurement
Wrist Glove: About 8-9" from tip of middle finger to the top
Elbow Glove: About 16-18" from tip of middle finger to the top
Opera Glove: About 20-24" from tip of middle finger to the top
NOTE: Opera/Long gloves are very tight at top
Note: Latex needs to stretch about 1/4 inch to fit properly.
Heavy Weight Gloves DO NOT stretch in the fingers and hands.
Please "BELIEVE" us when we say this.
Above all: These are Heavy Weight Gloves.
DOUBLE CHECK your measurements.

These Gloves WILL FIT Tighter than Normal, and need to be SLIGHTLY SMALLER than your ON SKIN MEASUREMENTS.