Size Chart

Measures Small Medium Large Extra Large
Around the knuckles
Exact garment measurement

6.5 - 6.75 inches

7.5 - 8 inches

8.5 - 9 inches

9.5 - 10 inches

Around the top
Exact garment measurement

Wrist Glove: 7 inches
Elbow Glove: 10 inches
Opera Glove: 8 inches

Wrist Glove: 7.5 inches
Elbow Glove: 10.5 inches
Opera Glove: 9 inches

Wrist Glove: 8 inches
Elbow Glove: 11 inches
Opera Glove: 10 inches

Wrist Glove: 8.5 inches
Elbow Glove: 12 inches
Opera Glove: 11 inches

Glove Length Measurement
Wrist Glove: About 9" from tip of middle finger to the top
Elbow Glove: About 19-21" from tip of middle finger to the top
Opera Glove: About 23-26" from tip of middle finger to the top
Opera/Long gloves are very tight at top
Measured where these will fit your body type.
Note: Latex needs to stretch about 1/4 to 1 inch to fit properly.
Gloves DO NOT stretch in the fingers and very little in hands.
Measuring Tip:  DO NOT pull tape measure too tight. This will give FALSE measurement.