Suspension Spreader Cuffs

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Midnight Blue Says:
In our opinion, 95% of those we see purchase "suspension cuffs" will never use them for full body suspension. So we decided what's the point of spending lots of money on something that isn't necessary. We've designed our Spreader Cuffs for use on a cross, X, post, bed, or anywhere else you want to immobilize someone. Even though they WILL support your body weight, they are NOT made for and should never be used for full body suspension! They are made of soft but strong Bull Hide Leather, so when you grip them the leather doesn't cut into the palm of your hand. Also, the leather around the heel of the hand is soft so it "forms" to your hand rather than cutting into it. When this style of cuff is made of HARD latigo leather, the leather is so stiff it cuts into your hand and cuts off circulation. Our cuffs reduce this problem, so your "hang" time will be extended. Black only.